AiJana’e Hardy

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I am currently employed as a Payroll and Benefits Specialist, responsible for various HR functions, including managing payroll processing, benefits administration, and other HR-related tasks.

In my role, I am a trusted resource for employees, helping them understand their total benefits package, and continuously networking with providers to offer better solutions for their current needs. I value building meaningful relationships and use my natural ability to connect with people to support and serve team members and the credit union.

In addition to my current role, I am also a mentor for girls in middle school and college students. Mentoring youth, especially in BIPOC communities, is important to me as they face unique challenges and require additional support. I am passionate about providing guidance, support, and encouragement to help them achieve their goals.

Outside of my professional work, I am deeply committed to serving my community through continuous volunteering, fundraising, PR, and event planning with local nonprofit organizations. My passion lies in using my time, skills, and resources to support my community. Through these efforts, I have developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that exist within my community, and I am dedicated to working towards solutions that promote equality and awareness. Particularly dedicated to empowering BIPOC communities by recognizing the unique challenges and systemic barriers they face.

I strive to approach opportunities with a growth mindset and seek to learn and achieve any goals at hand while making a positive impact as a leader. Overall, I am a dedicated professional and community advocate who is passionate about supporting and empowering individuals, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds. Through my work in HR, mentoring, and community service, I am committed to making a positive impact.

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